We are so proud of our office. It feels like the old sitcom, Cheers.  Everyone, from our dentists to our staff, knows your name and you are made to feel comfortable. Our staff is warm and friendly. Whether you are coming in for a teeth cleaning or a complex procedure, each experience is pleasant and nurturing. That is what makes us so special and different from other dental offices.

Below are just some of the many procedures and services we regularly provide to our patients – with a gentle touch and stunning results.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a wonderful gift that research and technology has given our patients. Restoring your smile to its natural beauty is our goal. It allows us to replace lost and missing teeth in a way never seen by past generations.

Teeth Whitening

The favorite and most popular product asked for by our patients is Teeth Whitening. There are many types offered which suit all of our patients’ different needs.

Cleanings and Exams

Most probably your first experience with our office will be when we see you for a routine cleaning and examination. You will be greeted warmly and asked about your personal needs and how we can help you dentally.


Orthodontics is changing and more patients are finding that braces are not just meant for children. The “clear” way to straighten your teeth, Invisalign gradually moves your teeth through a series of custom made, removable, nearly invisible aligners.


We pride ourselves on understanding that the most important thing about filling teeth is being painless. Painless and comfortable is what we strive for in addition to restoring teeth to their natural color.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

We were the first and only dental office in Clifton to use Lasers to treat tooth decay. We have been using lasers for over 10 years with great results and benefit to our patients. The laser is used without anesthesia and there is no post-operative numbness & sensitivity, none of that “dental” drilling noise.

Sleep Apnea

Here at Allwood Family Dentistry we are able to treat sleeping disorders on a case by case basis. With the use of an at home study we are able to determine whether you are eligible for an oral appliance to treat your snoring and mild to moderate sleep disorder. Most these appliances of are covered by your medical insurance.

Pediatric Dentistry

Treating children is the MOST rewarding thing we do here at Allwood Family Dentistry. We create a lifetime of positive practices for your child by providing a great dental experience. Going to the dentist should no longer be where bad memories are made, but a place where your child feels good.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers allow us to fix, reshape and change the color of broken, chipped or crooked teeth in 2 relatively close together visits. By hearing what your needs are and our experience of achieving smile makeovers, we can give you the gorgeous, straight, white smile you desire.

Crowns and Bridges

We use the most advanced materials customized to your specific needs including various types of all porcelain crowns and bridges. It is so exciting to stay abreast of the latest procedures to give our patients the best esthetic look combined with strength and durability.

Family Dentistry

Our office treats everyone in your family, not just Mom and Dad. Our office is a place where we enjoy providing care for all ages from 2- 102 and beyond. We tailor your appointments with a caring cheerful atmosphere combined with a staff dedicated to making each visit comfortable and pleasant.

Gums, Root Canals & Extractions

These are three words patients don’t like to hear. However when necessary with the careful guidance of our Periodontist, Dr. Rubin, periodontal (gum) treatment can be successfully treated in our office.