Our Philosophy

At Allwood Family Dentistry our philosophy is simple. You, our patient, are the most important person that we care for when you are here. A good dental experience, along with kindness and comfort is what makes our office a special place.  Affordability is certainly also part of our concern.

Our goal is to achieve a long-term relationship with our patients. We strive to have our patients feel a sense of comfort with our doctors and our staff. A smile and a laugh is contagious and our staff is about warm, caring faces.

Our staff is the best in town. They are kind, helpful and professional. They will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and be sensitive and respectful of your needs.

Our doctors want each visit to be pleasant and comfortable. They will explain all treatment recommendations and how they can make your smile something in which you will be proud.

Patient Care, Patient Kindness, Patient Satisfaction

“We saw your picture in the N.J. News Magazine, naming you one of the top dentists. We didn’t have to see your picture in the N.J. Magazine. We knew you were tops the first time we met you and the great work you did on our teeth. Thank you! What they didn’t mention was that you are a very caring person, thoughtful and compassionate dentist, that you will come into your office on your day off, or come in before or after office hours to comfort someone in pain. May the good you do for others come back to you and your family many times over. Congratulations Once Again!!” Ed and Katherine P.